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Leif at the Brad Elterman bash Jan 25, 2007

About Brad Elterman        
After years shooting as a freelance photographer, Brad Elterman formed one of the first Los Angeles-based photo agencies, California Features International, Inc. which specialized in providing celebrity photos to magazines and newspapers worldwide.  A published author, Elterman’s book "SHOOT THE STARS: How To Become A Celebrity Photographer" garnered interviews on shows including Oprah and CNN.  In 1992 he co-founded Online USA, Inc., one of the first digital photo agencies to specialize in celebrity photography, which was purchased by Getty Images in 2000.  He is a director with Buzz Foto, LCC (www.buzzfoto.com), a paparazzi photo agency that emphasizes “Paparazzi As An Art Form.”

l to r: Mike Layne (Leaderdogs), Leif Garrett, Justin and Sharon Murr, Shannon Woulfe (Leaderdogs) 

 Liberty n' Justice site - 3 Chord Records





 Hollywood Squares Taped August 3, 2003

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Thanks Happenin Harry


Air Date 8/11/01
Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1   

Air Date 10/22/01



11/28/01 - http://www/kroq.com



7/19/01 - WRKR - The Rocker Morning Show (Kalamazoo, MI) 



Thanks Dawn Greer



       Photo of Scott used with permission
Thank You Rachel




Special Thanks to:
 The Barn Theatre
for the pictures from "Old Timer"

Detective (Eric Parker)  threatens Molano
"An American Original" Duet

Betsy (Leslie Diamond) shares a dance with the two-timing Johnny Molano

Juanita (Penelope Alex) bears 
Molano's verbal abuse

 Clay Miller (Scott Burkell) confronts 
    Johnny Molano (Leif Garrett)

August 2001 - After the show at the Barn Theatre - (Augusta, MI)







December 2000 - A Child's Christmas in Wales

                National Theatre of the Deaf - Hartford, CT



VH1- Behind the Music

Leif performing at the Miss USA pageant in 1978.  

Special Thanks to Lainie for the picture - 
see the sightings page for another Leif photo,  and to read  her "sighting"

From a few years ago................



                                                             photo credit: Barry Levine 1978

Peaches Records Clearwater, FL March 1979

Leif handprints in cement.

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