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  • Shanna G.

  • The Grove of Anaheim, Nov 19, 2005 - A Tribute to Quadrophenia

    I was sitting in Tier 2, Row G, seat 18 at The Grove of Anaheim on November 19th.  I looked down to the row in front of me, three seats to my right and there it was, That Profile! I turned to my friend & said, "Oh MY GOSH, See that handsome profile right there in front of us, that is Leif Garrett." She didn't believe me, but I just knew it had to be him.  So, we sat there, continuing to enjoy the show-A Tribute to Quadrophenia with music performed by The Who Show.

    During intermission, I was standing in the Lobby with some friends wondering if I should go to the bar to get a drink.  Low & Behold, there he (Leif) was again, right at the bar.  So, what the heck, being the outgoing energetic person that I am, I decided to go over to the bar & say Hello to Leif. My friend couldn't believe I was going to do it. Why not, I told her. All he can do is be a jerk or be polite. I have nothing to lose ! I'm not shy......

    So, I walked right over to the bar, put my hand on Leif's waist & said, "I think you are fabulous." I think I caught Leif by surprise. He reached right out to grab my hand and asked me what my name was. I told him & I asked how he knew about the show, Leif mentioned that Bill Aucoin was a friend of his, not that kind. Hahahaha! A Joke, I guess.

    Before I had a chance to mention to Leif that my husband was performing the part of Roger Daltrey in the Production, the bells were ringing for us to return to our seats.  So, I said enjoy the show & headed back to my friends.

    My step-mom asked me if I told Leif that my husband was in the production. Well, I forgot & she made a joke that I was just trying to get a date with Leif, that's why I left out the part of my husband. We all got excited about that! Wow, if I wanted to get a date & if I were single, not knowing if Leif is or not, I would have definitely asked him out, right then & there.

    WOW, I WAS SO EXCITED, I just knew it was him.  I remember the days & nights when I used to listen to all of his music.  It was great seeing Leif & what an experience having him sit right in front of me at the Grove of Anaheim.  I hope to come to one of Leif's shows in the near future.   

    Leif, Thanks so much for being so kind with a complete stranger walking right up to you.

  • Michael W.

  • La Cave - Newport Beach, CA  12/17/04   Let me first say that I'm not a Leif Garrett "fan" but did have a "sighting" up close and personal that your members might find interesting. My work was having their holiday party on Dec. 17, 2004 at a small little restaurant across the street called La Cave, in Newport Beach, CA. The day before our party we heard somehow that Leif was having an impromptu gig there at La Cave. I think he knows the management or owners and seemed to be doing it as a favor. Although his lyrics were inaudible and he let almost everyone in the audience come up and sing with him, or completely instead of him, it was a pretty entertaining time. There seemed to be no song list whatsoever resulting in numerous requests for "Free Bird" and Rolling Stones or Led Zep covers.

  • Julie

  • IL July 2004- I'm Julie. I deal blackjack in a small casino in rural Illinois. Leif came in early one morning and played blackjack on my game. He was so like an ordinary person and not stuck on himself at all. He had won a few hands and gave me a tip. So I asked him what his first name was and he told me Leif. I said what and he told me again. I asked him how do you spell that and he told me, and some kid we will call Roy Boy said yeah like Leif Garrett and he says yeah, that's who I am. The lady at the other end of the table said, "Oh my God, I knew I recognized you." What a time that whole blackjack table had. We laughed and carried on and I even encouraged Leif to do a song about a guy named Roy Boy who split tens on the game. He had to fly out from the airport around 3 but we all had a good time. Later Leif!!!!    Julie 

    Follow up- I found him to be very humble when the word started spreading around the casino. It was yesterday Monday the 26th... My pit boss also said that she was a big fan of his and used to have his posters plastered all over her bedroom when she was in high school. He said that he had been in our community recording with a Christian Rock Group. How cool.

    Note: Leif did record that weekend. The cd will be out in 2005. It features 15 all-star singers and it's called Liberty n' Justice "Soundtrack Of A Soul."

  • Yvette C.

  • Leif and I at the HA comedy club in time squares New York It was Saturday July 24th, 2004. I was so excited that I got to meet Leif. He is one of my teen idols! I lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw him across the room from me!!! We had carried my goddaughter to New York, it was her first time there. She is 16 years old. She got to see me acting like a groupie! I knew it was him before even finding out for sure! It was just wonderful, great, superb and I just wanted to share this as a fan.

  • Amelia

  • I am a Leif fan from way back in the 70's and had the good fortune of meeting Leif at a club in Baltimore a few years ago (Ottobar-Feb, 2002). His band, F8 was playing. My husband Steve, and friend Allison accompanied me on my trek to the city on one of the coldest nights of the winter. Steve caught sight of Leif walking backstage before the show and disappeared. (Knowing that I was too shy to have approached Leif, he later told me that he had gone backstage and told Leif that he had two hot chicks that were dying to meet him.) The next thing I remember is the two of them walking up to us - he was a really sweet person! I gave him one of my stained glass stars, which he loved. He let us take this picture,

  • Nina

  • Was at the Duran Duran concert July, 16th (2003), at the Pacific in Costa Mesa. After the show I ran into Leif and a friend as we were exiting and asked if he wouldn't mind letting me take a photo with him. He so kindly agreed. What a sweet heart of a man. I couldn't believe how gracious he was. I was as excited seeing him as I was to see all 5 members of Duran Duran again. By the way, Leif, the picture came out great!!! Thank you, again. Nina Glover


    • Lainie

    The first time I met Leif Garrett was the summer of 1978.  Leif was performing at the Miss USA pageant.  I was 15 years old and a "little sister" for the pageant.  I spent 2 days back stage with Leif and have pictures with him.  Of course he was all the rage at the time- and I have every Tiger Beat Mag.  It is one of the memories that you never forget.  I have kept the pics all these years.  Not every 15 year old can say they had Leif all to themselves for two days- at the height of his popularity- but  I sure can

    Leif and Lainie at the pageant

    See the Pictures page for a picture Lainie provided - of Leif performing on stage at the 1978 Miss USA pageant. 

    • Carmel Nash

    I was nine years old when I was in the movie Shaker Run (1985) with Leif Garrett. I had an extra part as a flower girl in the wedding scene and also was at the railway station scene in the movie in Dunedin, New Zealand. The extra part was arranged by the local speedway car racing, "Beachlands", my parents and friends were in the movie. I got Leif's autograph and had a great experience even though I was nine years old and didn't know who Leif Garrett really was.

    • Zhanna

    On Saturday, December 16, 2000 at the Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury Connecticut, I had the good fortune to meet Leif Garrett. Leif was performing in a play titled, A Child's Christmas in Wales. The production was put on by the National Theatre for the Deaf. This was a unique show because the performers were using sign language as well as the spoken word.

    My friend and I left our homes in NY very early that morning. We set out to pick up two others before our drive to Connecticut. The four of us had a great time discussing life, Leif and the insanity of the online "Leif world." The camaraderie has been one of the best parts about being involved in this online community. As we drove, I was consumed with anticipation. I wondered what Leif would be like, how he would look, and what he would say. Most important to me is, how would he react? I was nervous about meeting him because often times when meeting a celebrity you can become disenchanted. Sometimes your image is more appealing than reality. Gladly, that was not the case.

    It was a cold, damp and rainy day. After getting a bit lost, we arrived at the theatre with time to spare. We were happy to meet up with several "old" friends. We also made some new friends that day. Finally, the time had come, the show began. I was lucky enough to sit in the first row. As Leif stepped out onto the stage we began giggling like school girls. Such an odd occurrence for a woman to be giddy at the site of a "70's teen idol." After all, when I was of the proper age, I wasn't a Leif fan at all. In fact, I remember drawing horns and a mustache on his pictures in Tiger Beat Magazine.

    So then, how did I get involved in such a situation? Three words .... BEHIND THE MUSIC. This show was the vehicle that revealed Leif and his incredible saga. His recollections, confessions and history captivated me as it did so many others. Sometimes you can't put into words the significance of such an occurrence, this is one of those times. It is odd to say the least but, there I sat... in the first row.

    After the show, we waited in the lobby to see if we could "accidentally" bump into Leif. We were devastated when we were informed that he had left the building. We were lucky enough to meet this wonderful woman who worked at the theatre. She assured us that if we came back before the second show that we should get another chance to meet him. We decided to follow her advice.

    We went out for a bite to eat with plans to return to the theatre as instructed. Approximately eight old and new friends sat around the less than delicious meal, discussing once again life, Leif and this time our critiques of the play. We were eager to return to the theatre in an attempt to meet up with Leif.

    We arrived at the theatre a bit later than we had planned because I got everyone lost (sorry again!). Actually, it turned out to be perfect timing. As we walked in the building there HE was! He was talking to that same lovely woman who had helped us. As we entered she said, "There they are." She was just telling Leif about us. My knees instantly turned to Jello. I was in the front of the group. I wanted to turn around and hide. I felt so awkward. What should I say? What should I do? How should I behave? I took a deep breath, shook his hand and introduced myself . What a relief! He was very kind. He made me feel totally at ease. He appeared more than happy to take pictures with us and sign autographs. It was so much fun!

    He joked around with us and made fun of my accent. Of course, I don't even have an New Yawk accent! He must have been mistaken. He obviously likes Saturday Night Live because he quoted funny lines from the show. He answered many questions and chatted for a while. He even took a picture with our friend from the ticket office. He was very sweet and accommodating. He certainly knew all the right things to say. He was charming. I was not disappointed at all. What a great day!

    A few weeks after meeting Leif, I was asked to join in this website. Since I have had such a wonderful experience meeting Leif and being involved in the various websites I decided to accept. Meeting all the Leif fans (and non-fans) has been amusing to say the least. I sure hope you all enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed being involved in "Leifland." I trust that all of you who meet Leif in the future will have a comparable experience.

    • Bonnie

    Sighting #1

    The first time I met Leif was not much to speak of. It was 1979 and I was 15 years old. My brother worked at Peaches Records in Clearwater, FL where Leif was to have an autograph session. I was allowed in the back but told to not bother any one. The store was packed with girls. A limo pulled up out front as a diversion while a car pulled into the loading dock with Leif and some radio station guys inside. Wow, none of the boys in my school looked like Leif. I pretty much remained frozen for the short time I was in the same room with him. Leif pressed his hands in a cement slab and signed his name with a screwdriver. He washed his hands off and signed several autographs including my poster. He was very much on auto pilot. I believe all I could get out was a "please sign this" and "thanks". Leif went out front to the waiting fans. I watched what I could from the back of the store since I had my chance. He left through the back, jumped it the waiting car and was gone. I regretted not being able to speak. I was painfully shy and didn't want to be in the way. I had a lot of should've's.

    • Bonnie

    Sighting #2

    Ah, some 21 years later....December 16, 2000. This time would be different. There aren't thousands of teenagers stepping over each other any more. I'm more mature, not shy...no not me. I flew into Hartford that morning, picked up a rental car and headed to Waterbury. I found the small theatre and parked across the street. I carefully crossed the icy parking lot. It was early...12:30. The play Leif was appearing in didn't start until 2:00. I waited and got warm.

    I paced, sat down and paced. What was I going to say? Why am I here? This is not like me. I'm a 36 year old mom and preschool teacher. I talked with the box office lady. I heard heavy footsteps on the hardwood floor coming up behind us. I looked up...it was Leif. He had on a red bandanna and red tinted glasses and a heavy coat. "Hi" I said with a big smile. "Hello", Leif responded cheerfully and proceeded to walk through the nearby door to the dressing rooms. After several minutes, I realized maybe I missed a one time opportunity here to have a conversation with Leif alone...ya think?

    Oh well, I was waiting to meet some online friends any how. My friends came and we chatted in person for a change. Leif came out in costume and walked through the lobby area. When he returned I smiled again hoping he would come over. Most of the other ladies there had met him before. Leif smiled politely and back to the dressing room he went. So, I figure well, I'll talk to him after the play. We shouldn't bother him before a performance. (Hey, I was nervous).

    After the play, in all our conversation, we some how missed Leif leaving the theatre. I was very annoyed by now. The box office ladies checked to see where he went. They knew I had flown in to see him. He was getting some lunch and coming back to the theatre for the evening show. The group of us had planned to go to dinner. I didn't plan on going back to the theatre, but there was no way in hell I was leaving without something. This was serious.

    After dinner, back to the theatre we go. Deep breaths, patience. Please be here. A couple of online friends are ahead of me. One, standing outside says "He's in there, go on." So, I opened the door and there is Leif talking with my new friend and the box office lady. The lady says something like "There she is. She came all the way from North Carolina." Leif says "I saw you before. Why didn't you stop me?" (Because I'm an idiot) What came out was "I didn't want to bother you and I don't do this. I didn't know what to say." He said "You say 'hey Leif, hey you, hey s***head'. You should have said something." I replied "Well I said all that when I heard you left." I think I exhaled after that.

    Leif was very nice and funny. We all introduced ourselves. We talked a bit about Hartford since I was from there a few years back. He looked so good. I kept looking at him so as not to forget this moment. I was surprised how personable he was. He doesn't seem to interview well compared to one on one conversation. I was thankful that the words came easily by then. Leif took pictures with everyone. He signed playbills. I hugged him....he was a very good hugger. Then it was time for good-bye's. He shook everyone's hand and I kissed him on the cheek. I think others may have done that too, but I was a goner at that point.

    I drove to my friend's house to crash on the sofa. I didn't sleep much. I tried not to forget anything that happened or what was said. I mostly remember feeling so happy and at ease. After 21+ years, I still get all tingly thinking about Leif. I can't explain why, but I had good memories then and still do now. I'm so glad I had the second chance to see him and actually speak this time!

    • Donna from New York

    I met Leif in New London, CT in December, 2000. He is a great and sweet guy and loves his fans very much. I got his autograph and my picture taken with him. I would love to say thanks and tell him how much it meant to meet him.
    Peace, Love and Happiness

    • Tina Lyn

    Sighting #1

    I'm not sure exactly when I realized that Leif Garrett existed. It was sometime in 1977; I must have seen him sing on a TV show. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, and I remember checking the TV book to watch for shows he might be on.

    It was on October 13, 1977 that I was on the way to work and heard on the radio that Leif was touring and promoting his first album, and would be at Flipside Records in Downers Grove, Illinois, that afternoon for a record-signing. I was beyond excited!! I called my husband and told him about it, and ended up rushing home after work to make it the fifteen or so miles to the record store in time for Leif's appearance. We did get there on time, but there was already a line of pre-teen and teenage girls waiting outside the record store.

    I was somewhat embarrassed, being that Leif was only 15 and I was 19 and just married. I wanted to wait in line, but felt silly about it. So, my husband told the bouncer that we wanted to go in and look at records, so they let us in! It wasn't a large record store, and they had moved merchandise away from one wall to make a small "stage" for Leif and his managers to stand on. When we went in, he was already talking to fans and signing records.

    He was wearing light-colored blue jeans, a white shirt with sleeves rolled up, and a light blue denim vest. His hair was flaxen gold, and his eyes were a beautiful deep blue-green. I was mesmerized. My heart flew into my throat and I just stood and stared at him. Of course, I had to pretend to be looking at records. My husband wandered around the store, checking out albums and cassette tapes, waiting for me.

    I don't remember whether or not Leif ever met my eyes, but I was so sorry I hadn't waited in that line. I wanted to talk to him, to tell him how much I loved him, to hold him and maybe kiss him. Instead, I pretended to peruse through albums while surreptitiously stealing every glance I could. He was so beautiful, so radiant, such a powerful presence in the room. And he was laughing and smiling with the girls in line, signing records and giving hugs and kisses.

    We stayed in the store about fifteen or twenty minutes. I so wished I had gotten in line! And when we left, I couldn't even buy Leif's album because we were low on cash (I think it might have cost about $7 at the time). But, my husband, who was eleven years older than me, bought me the album for Christmas that year. I wrote a silly little fantasy story about Leif and me after seeing him, and I just recently found in my 1977 journal a fan letter that I had started to him but never mailed - and it was dated 11/8/77, his 16th birthday!

    • Tina Lyn

    Sighting #2

    "The Grand Time in Tempe"

    It was early January 2000, and everybody in the chat room and on the boards was talking about going to Tempe, Arizona on January 28 to see Leif and Godspeed perform. I was so disappointed because all indications were that I wasn’t going to be able to make the trip. Then, on January 10, a miracle fell into my lap and I found out I could go! I was SO excited. I’d been writing to Leif for nearly a year, I’d collected all his albums and most of his movies from Ebay, and I’d been a part of the Leif Birthday Banner that traversed two countries – and the possibility of finally getting to meet him was an incredible rush! I started exercising and walking a mile a day so I would be in the best possible shape when I went to Tempe.

    My flight was scheduled to leave at approximately 11:00 a.m. on the 28th. I was meeting an online friend at the airport – we were on the same flight from Chicago-Phoenix! We got on the plane… and sat… and sat… and sat. There was a faulty smoke detector in a baggage hatch, and the pilot FLATLY REFUSED to fly that plane! After a three-hour delay!, we were loaded onto another plane. All the way to Tempe we were worried that we were going to miss the gig. But at least we sat together and got to know each other on the way. We were both glad to have someone to talk to!

    We arrived in Phoenix at about 6:00 p.m. Another online friend was supposed to have met us there at 2:30 when we were SUPPOSED to have landed, and we were amazed to find that she was STILL there waiting for us!! What a trooper!! We took the Sheraton shuttle to the hotel and quickly found our rooms and roommates. I got ready REALLY FAST and we piled into a rental car and headed for the Sport Rock CafŽ in Tempe.

    When we got there, most of the others had already arrived and had several tables pushed together and saved for the group. We were surprised to realize that there were close to 40 of us there! It was worth the trip just to get to meet the online friends that I’d chatted with, talked to and corresponded with for almost a year! It was so exciting and so much fun! We had a few drinks and some appetizers, took a lot of pictures, sat through the first two acts, and then suddenly one friend came rushing up to me saying, "Leif’s in the building!" She had seen the band come around the outside of the building and enter through a back door. My heart flew into my throat. Would I actually get to meet Leif?! I was so thrilled and so excited!

    Then someone said, "Leif’s signing shirts!" I went to the front of the building where a table had been set up with T-shirts and stickers for sale. I saw Leif’s manager, standing there, and as others proceeded to the table, I stopped dead in my tracks.

    There he was – Leif Garrett. I stood rooted to the spot and just stared at him for a couple of minutes. He was tall, well-built, and oh, so gorgeous as he talked to the fans, laughing and smiling, and signed T-shirts and stickers. My heart was racing. I’d expected to see him onstage, but I never anticipated that he’d come out to meet and talk to us. I went up to the table, snapped a few photos, and waited in line to talk to Leif. The first time those deep green eyes met mine, I felt my knees turn to jelly. I didn’t have a chance to talk to him as they were ready to take the stage, but he started to hand out stickers and handed one to me, meeting my eyes again. Wow.

    The Leif look-alike among us, took the stage with the band, goofing off with Leif, and finally introducing him to the crowd. We cheered wildly as the band started to play Are You Satisfied. Leif’s voice sounded great – strong and clear – and the band rocked. They played eight songs, and we all crowded around the stage, dancing and cheering. Leif kept telling us how awesome we were and how he wished he could take us with him everywhere! He actually called his mom from the stage and had us cheer for her. He was so relaxed, so comfortable, so at ease with us. After their set, he dashed off the stage. I was waiting at the corner of the stage, and he actually stopped and gave me a big kiss on the cheek! I’m not sure how I managed to not pass out, but I did, and I rushed back to the girls and told them that Leif had just kissed me.

    After a short break, he came back out to the table and signed more shirts and stickers. I waited in line again, until finally it was my turn. I was introduced to Leif as Tina Lyn, and someone must have told him that I’d written to him, because he smiled, looked me in the eye and said, "Yes, and scented! Always scented." I was beyond thrilled. He read my letters! He remembered that they were scented!! He leaned across the table to hug me, and the first words out of my mouth into his ear were, "I love you so much!" He said "Thank you" and signed my T-shirt, and came across the table for a picture. He slid his arm around my neck, pulled me close, hugged me tight and kissed my cheek as my friend snapped a picture. I just couldn’t believe this was happening! I gave him the bottle of silver-gray nail polish that I’d brought for him, and he said, "Okay, now you have to put it on me!" He had to tell me twice before I understood him, but I ended up painting his nails on his right hand! Unfortunately, the one coat of polish I applied didn’t come out very dark, but he went along with it! I also gave him an envelope that contained a story I’d written for him. I thanked him for talking to me, and went back to our table in a daze. I had to sit for several minutes to let everything sink in! Then I realized that, in the confusion, my T-shirt had suddenly disappeared. Was I upset! I searched the floor around the crowd of women still waiting to talk to Leif, to no avail. The shirt was gone.

    Leif hung around and partied with us for over an hour. We gave him the birthday banner, and he was touched and thrilled with it. He said he would put it up on his "celebrity wall in the blue Room" and send us a photo.

    As he was walking away from me, I said, "Leif! One more hug?" and he turned to come back to me, reaching out to take me in his arms again. As he did, he spoke to me words I never thought I’d hear him say, and that I can still hear in my mind: "Oh, by the way, Tina Lyn… your poetry is amazing!" And with that he hugged me close. All I could manage to do was whisper, "Thank you.. thank you!" and melt into his arms. WOW!!!! He’d actually read the two poetry books that I’d written, published and sent to him! I was floored.

    Then someone cried, "Group photo!" and Leif went for it immediately. I followed him over to the bar, where the girls were gathering. He stood in the back, surrounded by his adoring fans. I moved to stand next to him in the back row, being that I’m six feet tall!, and he reached over, put his arm around my shoulders, and pulled me close. I wrapped my arm around him, leaned over and kissed his cheek, and got a big smile in response!

    He hung out with us until we were kicked out by the bar management (it was long after hours!). We all made our way back to the Sheraton. It was now about 3:00 a.m., and even though I was exhausted from the trip and dazed by the contact with Leif, I wasn’t tired. We went up to our rooms and gathered one room to party some more. I eventually went back to my room, needing time to be alone and relive the incredible night I’d just experienced. As it turns out, Leif ended up coming up to our floor and joining the girls still in the other room! I should have stayed over there a little longer.

    The next morning, we gathered down by Leif’s room, and I told his manager about my missing shirt. She wrote down the information. Several of us had to leave to catch our return flights, so I didn’t get to see Leif again. But what a phenomenal experience!! I’d met most of my Internet friends, had a great time watching Godspeed play, and met, talked to, and touched Leif Garrett!! All the way home on the plane I played the night over in my mind. And, within just a few days, a package arrived in my mailbox bearing Leif’s handwriting. It was my T-shirt! Leif had found it, matched my name to my address, and sent it to me as soon as he’d gotten back to LA! That was the icing on the cake. I will never forget the great time I had in Tempe, and I’m looking forward eagerly to the next road trip! Although… we will have to stay somewhere besides a Sheraton, because they don’t want us back!! Wonder why??? LOL


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